Bebe Sachi is a proud producer and developer of babywearing and practical parenting products. Parenting is an enriching journey of love, joy and experience! The word “sachi” in itself means joy! Well, sure there are ups and downs but that’s the real joy of it, don’t you think? Bebe Sachi symbolises this enriching journey of discovery and celebrates it naturally!

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Bebe Sachi Ilmu Teaching Wrap

NOTE: This product is exclusively handloomed. There may be small irregularities which are expected in the fabric, such as colour differences, uneven weaving, weaver’s knots, nubs/slubs, runaway threads etc. These are NOT flaws or defects and do not affect the safety & quality. These naturally occurring variations only makes it special. The level of artistry and intricacy achieved in handloom fabrics are unparalleled and unique, which makes it worthy to be handed down from one generation to another.

Roughly translated from Malay, ilmu means knowledge. When Rita decided to produce teaching wraps last year, her intention was not just to showcase our weavers’ talent but to also produce a thinner, narrower wrap to the standard line to encourage educators and YouTube heroes from around the globe. The result was Warna and Rona Prisma. Popular rainbows in diagonal and herringbone weave.

Keeping true to the inclusion of stripes to allow assessment of tension, to ensure there is an easily identifiable top and bottom rail, this year we decided on a diamond weave. Briefly we considered doing away with the rainbow, but as Rita and I grow older and watch our children thrive, this year in particular, we couldn’t forget those babies who grew their wings too early. This wrap is our hearts on our sleeve.

Sharing and teaching how to carry your baby is traditionally done from one parent to another. Nothing can replace experience. But Rita and I went to a Science High School in Malaysia, and most of our lives are governed by evidence! And the evidence behind the positive effects of skin to skin and carrying your child is overwhelming. Equally, the science of safe carrying is now taught formally by established babywearing schools. We hope ilmu a combination of our hearts, experience and knowledge, will be used by you to share your love, experience and knowledge.

Care instructions:
• Hand or machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle
• Place in a mesh bag or pillow case if machine washed
• Line dry
• Do NOT soak or bleach

Weight 1.5 kg

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