Bebe Sachi is a proud producer and developer of babywearing and practical parenting products. Parenting is an enriching journey of love, joy and experience! The word “sachi” in itself means joy! Well, sure there are ups and downs but that’s the real joy of it, don’t you think? Bebe Sachi symbolises this enriching journey of discovery and celebrates it naturally!

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Bebe Sachi Meh Dai – Black/Rainbow

NOTE: This product is exclusively handloomed. There may be small irregularities which are expected in the fabric, such as colour differences, uneven weaving, weaver’s knots, nubs/slubs, runaway threads etc. These are NOT flaws or defects and do not affect the safety & quality. These naturally occurring variations only makes it special. The level of artistry and intricacy achieved in handloom fabrics are unparalleled and unique, which makes it worthy to be passed from one generation to another.

This Meh Dai (we previously referred to this design as a Mei Tai) is made from our teaching knot wrap black/rainbow combo which is 100% cotton, diamond weave and has a surface weight of 205gsm. The softness, squishiness, comfort and support which are popular features of our wraps, are all retained in this design. Overall, it gives you a wonderful, comfy, wearing experience for newborns and infants.

As each carrier is made from wrap fabric, and we do not waste any material, there are differences in the wrap straps, for e.g some will have alternating straps – one with the rainbow rail, another strap without. We believe this makes the Meh Dai truly individual and in fact, with alternating straps, easier to use, the wearer will not get straps muddled up when tightening. This Meh Dai also makes a perfect carrier for teaching due to this.

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