Polly Tester Review: Amy Young, UK

Polly Tester Review: Amy Young, UK

Well, where to start? Colour – let’s begin here. I have seen a few photos of Polly prior to my testing and I can honestly say, no photo yet has been able to capture the beauty that lay within Polly’s colours. Although when I think of Polly I think blue, up close I see greens, purple and pink! The Blue top rail provides the wrapper with that all important point of reference and makes more complex wrap jobs easier (especially in windy conditions!). Polly to me is a wrap that makes me think of candy, piers and seasides. The colours are fun and cheery!

Wrapping qualities – Polly is soft to the touch, sturdy but easy to wrap with for such a new wrap! I managed to get a very secure double hammock out of the size 4 and it did not move!! I walked for a minimum of 3.5 miles with my heavy toddler and Polly stayed still the whole time. Every wrap job I did was easy and always good (I believe this to be less fluke and more wrap), the weave allowed for tight chest passes and tight wrap jobs. I usually can only ruck for a short while due to bony shoulders and heavy toddlers, but I wanted to road test Polly on the ruck test. I was not disappointed! As with the DH she stayed perfectly in place and the ruck was strong and secure. I managed two hours in the ruck (unheard of normally) before having to amend the carry.

As my journey with wraps has developed I have tended to prefer wraps with less width than the standard BBS wrap. However, I was glad to have it back! My daughter prefers hands out and when asleep becomes floppy, due to Polly’s wrapping qualities I was easily able to readjust the carry and secure my daughter without compromising the structure. – she slept for 2 hours.

Polly is soft straight from the word go. I have also had the opportunity to wrap with her sibling Nemo. To compare the two, Nemo is by far thinner and glides like melted butter making it the ultimate new squish worthy wrap. Polly, although still thin to hand, has more structure and grip, whilst being super easy to wrap with makes it a baby and toddler worthy wrap. Although maybe not a new squish initially compared to Nemo. However that said… I will stake my opinion that if you were to receive a broken in Polly, this wrap could see you through your BW days from young baby to toddler.

If you are new to wrapping – this wrap is for you.

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