Permata Mist & Moonlight : released 28th July 2017

Permata Mist & Moonlight : released 28th July 2017

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Introducing the Permata Series from Bebe Sachi. This is a new design and weave from us. Permata translates to Gem or Jewel but is also commonly used as a term for endearment. Permata can mean something precious or dear to your heart. We felt the name truly reflects how we feel about this project and our family of weavers.

  • 100% cotton, jacquard weave
  • Narrower than any other Bebe Sachi wraps with a width of 25 inches 
  • Surface Weight: 200 gsm
  • Natural Warp with Black and Grey weft options
  • Weaver: Munir (our Master weaver)

We have named it Mist (for the grey weft) and Moonlight (for the black weft) respectively. This is a thin, soft and airy wrap which is perfect for a new squish and it can hold a toddler pretty well too!

More pictures and reviews are available on our facebook group “Bebe Sachi Love”

Please check out the links from the Facebook group posts (do let us know if i missed anyone!):

Veerle De Winter: As for Permata, I feel so very classy in it. It could easily pass as a scarf on a black evening dress, and then save the day a little later with a slipknot to hold your baby, or maybe abseiling a building spystyle, because this wrap could do both. It is both strong and soft. The pattern is barely noticeable by touch, the wrap feels smooth, glides easily in place. I can see this wrap will go places. It would fit perfectly in a handbag to take every where if it wasn’t too beautiful to hide.

Thin and narrow, Permata makes an excellent wrap for siblings (and nieces) to carry their future playmates.

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