July 7th 2017 Release: Seroja Ungu & Seroja Biru

July 7th 2017 Release: Seroja Ungu & Seroja Biru

Seroja Ungu (Purple) & Seroja Biru (Blue) with Silver rails is a micro-release (or maybe a micro-micro release!) since we only produced 2 pieces of each size!
This wrap is part of the Bebe Sachi Nature Series where we derive our inspiration from nature. Inspired by the colours of the beautiful Seroja (Lotus) flower, this invigorating and beautifully crafted wrap is truly something special. Seroja is native to southern and eastern parts of Asia or better known as Tropical Asia. This wrap gives an impression of a Bebe Sachi Khadi at first look but it is not. The blue warp colour combined with the 2 weft options (made from several yarns put together) and yellowish rails simply add liveliness to the wrap. The rails are there not only for aesthetic purposes but also to allow assessment of tension, check positioning and to ensure there is an easily identifiable top and bottom rail. These wraps will be produced in very small quantities (less than 10 per design). For Seroja, you will have several rail colour options. A crisp touch of matte silver on as the signature rail gives it a radiant look and further enhances the tranquilness.

Details of the wrap:

243gsm, 100% cotton, width is 27 inches

This wrap has either a purplish or bluish look to it. The red tinge in Seroja Ungu comes from the Red, Yellow & Black weft yarns while the variation in colour for Seroja Biru comes from the combination of White, Yellow and Black weft yarns.

We sent the prototype of this wrap travelling to a few groups in Malaysia, Singapore, UK and the USA  in March-April and received some incredible reviews from those who tried it. The details of the Malaysia & Singapore Travelling Prototype are available at our FB group “Bebe Sachi Love”: https://www.facebook.com/notes/bebe-sachi-love/prototype-seroja-travelling-wraps/1398495780210911/. We’ve shared some pictures which we have randomly selected from the travelling seroja prototype group as well in the photo gallery (please slide through the images)!

To say that we have faced some tough times really feels like an understatement. Perhaps nobody will truly understand the journey except for those who have lived it. To have overcome the various challenges experienced has truly been a feat! We will continue to keep our heads up, our hearts strong and strive harder! Strive ..is the best word to describe it because this journey never ends!

TW: Upsetting Content and Images of Floods and Poverty…Dear all,It's with an incredibly heavy heart that we…

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