Iris Silk Tester Review: Harriet Fisher, UK

Iris Silk Tester Review: Harriet Fisher, UK

I’m still quite new to Bebe Sachi and until I tried one I didn’t really appreciate what was special about BBS Khadi wraps. I do think you have to try Khadi for yourself to truly understand. Khadi wraps are lovingly handwoven from handspun fibres. They are produced once a year in very small numbers by a tiny number of weavers who retain the craft. The result is a springy, supportive, one of a kind wrap with a very unique aesthetic and incredible wrapping qualities. Iris is the latest in the Khadi line and doesn’t disappoint.

Texture and Weave:

The first thing that always strikes me about a Bebe Sachi wrap is texture. Be it the hessian-like grippy Jati or the cushiony soft Rebung. Iris has a distinct texture to it – run your hands over it and you can feel the cotton threads and lovely silky slubs.

Iris has some of the same quirks that make khadi so unique (weaver’s knots and extra threads for example). Iris is described by Bebe Sachi as a ‘finer’ Khadi, and overall the weave is much neater and more uniform than other Khadi I have seen.


Iris is a beautiful and intricate wrap. Purple, lilac and white threads criss-cross and meet variegated shades of green. The overall effect evokes a refreshing summer breeze or pretty flowers swaying gently in the wind.

Wrapping Qualities:

Khadi wraps are renowned for being thick, robust, and supportive. Iris is indeed a thick wrap but feels airier and lighter in hand, and not as heavy on as the V2 I have tried. With my newborn I found I had to be careful with tightening because the wrap is thick and I wanted to respect his newborn body positioning. Once wrapped Iris felt like a lovely cloud enveloping him and helping him drift off to sleep.

My friend who is a very experienced wrapper and qualified consultant tried Iris with my little baby and said she loved it. Once wrapped she found the texture and grip very supportive and comfortable. My baby was pretty miserable after his immunisations that day, but he was still comfortable and settled in Iris.

I loved Iris with my little baby but I do feel it really shines as a wrap for bigger babies and children. In comparison to V2 I felt that Iris has slightly less stretch but isn’t as heavy or thick. It’s certainly just as supportive and totally toddler worthy.

With my nearly 3 year old I found that initially I needed to work quite hard to pull the passes into the place and work any slack out. However after a few wears I could really start to feel the 10% silk adding glide. The soft silk combined with the magical khadi stretch and springiness helped to ease the passes into place. Once wrapped it did not budge and my son bounced away quite happily. If you are willing to persevere to ‘break’ it in, Iris will definitely reward you with its tremendous support and comfort.

Review Details

Size: 6
Length: 470cm (stih post wash and wear)
Width: 76cm (stih post wash and wear)
Weight: 279gsm
Blend: 90% cotton 10% silk

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