February 2016 Release: Rebung Ruby

February 2016 Release: Rebung Ruby

We present to you another amazing wrap from the Rebung Series after Rebung Opal, Rebung Blue Sapphire, Rebung Emerald and Rebung Pink Sapphire. Rebung Ruby took much longer than expected to complete as our weavers had to go through 2 failed attempts in preparing the yarns. Alhamdulillah…they finally managed to get it right after the 3rd try. Third time is a charm, they say!

The name “Ruby” comes from the word ruber which is Latin for red. The colour Ruby is believed to be the colour of energy, passion, enthusiasm and action. Emotionally it is said to improve motivation & the setting of goals, promote positive dreams & clear visualization, aids in retaining wealth & passion and also promotes dynamic leadership.

We think it is the perfect colour to start the New Year! May the uplifting and vital nature of Ruby help you to embrace the joy of life!


100% cotton, 233gsm
Special Jacquard weave
Variegated Ruby & Black Weft
Variegated Ruby & Ash and Silver white Warp

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