Borneo Series Attacus Tester Review: Carlie O’ware

Borneo Series Attacus Tester Review: Carlie O’ware

The first time I saw Attacus I knew it would be love, the colours are perfect for me. It’s a gorgeous hand painted wrap, with obvious rails, which I love. In my hand it felt a little like Kenyalang, with a touch more texture. It has two textures, the white is soft and slippy and the pink & purple are more grippy in my opinion.

I had this from brand new and after one hour wearing in a dh it felt broken in already. Now it feels like a comfy slipper. My 19 month old picks this as his “up up” over my other wraps.I tried a lot o f carries in this, but in a double hammock it has the perfect combination of slip and grip, it makes passes easy to slip into place but once tight it’s going nowhere.

Who do I think Attacus is for? I really think anyone will love it. It’s medium to light in the hand, so I would have said possibly not for preschoolers, but then I carried my big 5 year old and I wouldn’t have known he was up there. So yes this is for anyone. With the rails standing out as they do Attacus will be great for new or inexperienced wrappers as well as experienced wrappers.

Bebe Sachi you have done it again, Attacus is a true work of art. Well done to you all.

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